VFC News

Fall / Winter 2015

Summer went too fast… did you get to go camping? Did your kids play soccer or baseball or learn to swim? Did you get to do something YOU always wanted to do?

This spring, I started playing the guitar again because my best friend from 7th grade asked me to play at her wedding — I remembered how much joy I had in college learning new songs and using my artistic/musical brain instead of my logical/medical brain, so I told her yes…

It was transformative… and made me realize how little personal, private, spiritual joy I give myself on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Weird… since I tell all my patients to find their joy…

I hope you all experience joy, in whatever form, this holiday season — there is enough of it to go around;  it is difficult to identify sometimes because you need to have faith and seek it out and recognize it…

So live in the moment of joy as much as possible,

Love completely the people who are most important,

Be grateful for anything given as an offering of life, and

Accept gratitude for what you perceive as little or nothing.

This will give another joy, and ultimately will give you joy also.

Merry Holidays Festivus!