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**Kristina is out of the clinic on Thursday, 8/20 and Friday, 8/21**

This is the portal email message sent on 8/18/2015 (just in case you missed it…)

Hello All —

The summer is almost over, and it is a time of transitions here at Village Family Clinic.


First of all, my highly capable medical assistant and right-hand woman, Amanda, has left for bigger and better things. She helped many of you with concerns, questions, refills, appointments, and more over the last 2 years. She will be missed — and you will likely see her from time to time helping out when she knows I need it…


So I am back to the original business model for my clinic… when I started in 2009, I was the only person answering your messages, refilling medication, making appointments, and running the show. Obviously, it is impossible for me to do this without help — from everyone, so…


  • Please sign up for the patient portal!  It is the first place I see messages throughout the day, and it keeps a record of our communication in your account. If you are having trouble with portal access, please let us know and we can help. Many have mastered the phone app for Athena Health and can message me from their phone (great job, folks!).
  • Email is always acceptable for appointment requests or billing questions, but is not necessarily secure or private for your health care information. Although it is sometimes necessary for me to email you information about past or future appointments, I do not know where that information goes for sure. If you want it private, set up your account and message through the portal, or make an appointment to talk in person.
  • Phone calls are preferred if it is an urgent matter, or if you cannot access a computer or cell phone to message or email with a routine request. Phone calls are difficult to manage for one person, especially when I am seeing patients,, but I will do my best to call you back for urgent issues in a timely fashion. If the issue is routine, and you leave a message, I will likely respond with a message or email.
  • If it is after regular business hours, please call (425) 463-5552 for urgent matters. Leave a voice mail and I will call you back, if I have not lost, cracked, washed or neglected my cell phone. Do not text me, please.

I am not completely without help — Liz is still at the front desk on Monday and Thursday from 9am to 2pm, if you need to come in to make appointments or pay a bill. On Tuesday and Friday, I will be on my own, so “drops ins” are difficult on those days, and there may be a significant wait.


Take home message for patients of Village Family Clinic — if you absolutely need something within 24-48 hours, make an appointment and you are guaranteed my time and attention. I have same day appointments available if you can’t find one on the portal, and my work hours are becoming more regular as my kids are getting older (*sob*). The clinic will be open M-T-Th 9am to 4pm and Friday 9am to 1pm, and Wednesday will continue as the “by appointment only” day (my catch-up with life day) with no regular hours.


My promise — I will continue to be there for you as your primary care provider. It is a transitional time in health care, with changes in insurance policies and requirements for health care providers, and it can be frustrating as we all try to get what we were promised. I hope to work through it together. As always, I appreciate your understanding and patronage.



Kristina Garrido, ARNP