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Six things primary care providers want you to know about them

(and will never tell you)

  1. We are well-educated and specialists in our field, but the paupers of the medical care system. We work the hardest and get paid the least amount. Much of the work we do in a day for patients is finished in our free time, and is uncompensated and altruistic.
  1. We are communicators, quick decision makers, and creative problem solvers because we know our patients best and are your best advocate for health, yet we are often treated like factory workers but without the regular hours and time off.
  1. We are realistic visionaries for your health, but your insurance companies pull the strings. Many times your evaluation and treatment decisions are based on your insurance coverage. It is very frustrating.
  1. We have personal lives that are completely ignored during the day. Just ask our families how often we miss school concerts, birthdays and other family events. It is hard to make and maintain friendships also.
  1. We do more than “just treat” you for your medical issues. We cry and we get frustrated, and we feel badly when we cannot practice good medicine due to personal issues, time constraints and patient non-participation in the process. We are passionate about our patients and the maintenance of their health.

      6.  Lastly, we are all ready to quit primary care, and stay because we adore helping             patients and are hopeful of change.