Treating teens and adults for ADD and ADHD in Issaquah, Washington.

Please direct all inquiries to, or send us a message in our Updox patient portal! **Kristina is now treating ADD/ADHD in her office, Village Family Clinic & Wellness Center. She is no longer affiliated with the ADD Center of Bellevue**

About us

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You can find us in Gilman Village; located in Issaquah, Washington. Kristinas current hours are as follows:

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Please contact us via e-mail or patient portal.

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If you are interested in a new patient/follow-up appointment with Kristina, please register for our  Updox Patient Portal, OR send your name, date of birth, address and phone number to If you could give us a few times/dates that you are available for an appointment, or a geneneral summary of your availibility – this will expedite the scheduling process!

Our phone goes to voicemail, and we check our messages throughout the day. If you are unable to send us a portal message or e-mail and wish to leave us a voicemail, please leave your full question and e-mail address in the message. We will respond electronically unless you specify that you would like a phone call back.

 If you have not been seen in the past three months and you are requesting a refill, you will need to make an appointment.

We appreciate your patience and thank you for bearing with us through this transition 🙂