About us!

Do you think you may have ADD or ADHD? You are in the right place!

Village Family Clinic & Wellness Center specializes in evaluating, diagnosing and treating ADHD, depression, anxiety, and OCD in Issaquah, Washington. We are also happy to provide 3-month medication refills for those who have already been diagnosed.

We aim to emphasize the benefits that come with ADD and assist you in developing new coping skills to manage any negatives that you may be dealing with.  ADDer’s tend to have an ABUNDANCE of attention – though it may be geared in a million different directions, you should never think of it as a deficiency.

 Services offered:

Evaluation, consultation & diagnosis of mental health conditions.

New patient visits run 1 hour in length – Kristina will spend the time going over your test results, and discussing your symptoms, concerns, and overall treatment goals.

Medication management

Prescription refills for mental health conditions. Those who take controlled substances must schedule an appointment every 3 months. We do not treat primary care conditions at the clinic.

Convenient virtual visits

If you are on a regular 3-month medication check cycle, you may have a virtual visit via Skype every other time that you need your prescriptions refilled.