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*Article about INTROVERSION!*

It is very common for those of us with ADHD to be introverts; completely capable of entertaining ourselves and thoroughly enjoying alone time. We have the innate ability to hyper-focus, and we are easily distracted – two characteristics that can make it hard to live in a world where extroversion is valued.   Why Social

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ADHD hacks! [article]

There are thousands of articles that will tell you how you can “hack” your life to be more productive, happy, successful, etc. Furthermore, it seems like the Internet is awash with hacks that claim to help people with ADHD manage their lives. But what does “ADHD hack” really mean? A life hack is a simple recommendation

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Out of the office March 1st-March 7th

Our office will be closed March 1st – March 7th. We will return March 8th at 10:00am.      Kristina will be getting some sunshine in Flordia for the first week of March!  She will be unavailable to send in refills or answer non-urgent questions – Gina will be around to answer scheduling and billing inquiries. If you will

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