Patient Stories

Patient feedback                


'Meeting Kristina was literally a life changing day! She spent a long time going through test results, identifying where I was holding myself back without even knowing I was. She enabled me to STOP procrastinating with doubt and chose the more rewarding career and I life plan I am capable of. She is now helping me drop the shame that comes with a neurological disorder and manage my relationship with my similar challenged daughter.'


'I had been diagnosed with ADD when I was young. I was successfully on Adderall for many years. Post college, and starting a new career, I stopped taking it. As the years clicked on (and closer to 50 years old), I found myself more and more distracted, unable to concentrate, etc., without identifying back to my youth. My older brother, also diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, came up for a visit. He said he noticed the clear signs of ADHD, and heavily encouraged me to see someone. I was initially dismissive and (don't do this at home kids) but my brother encouraged me to try his medication. After a few days, I was completely convinced of his advice. It was like my brain had been asleep and distracted, I was literally in a completely different plane of existence. I was able to sleep on a regular schedule, constantly forgetting things, or appointments. I felt like who I was back in my youth. I am incredibly grateful to Kristina Lee-Garrido. She has been incredibly supportive, willing to work with me and listen when I thought changes in meds were appropriate. Kristina has perfected her skill in treating ADHD, and I am grateful for her assistance to get me back on track.'

- Anonymous