About Kristina


The Nurse Practitioner

Kristina Garrido, ARNP, is a family nurse practitioner, who has provided medical care to patients in the Issaquah area for 16 years. She started her nursing career in the Navy as a neonatal ICU and Labor and Delivery nurse, then received her Master’s degree at Seattle University. She started her family practice career with Medalia/ Providence Medical Group in 1998, and then became a partner/owner of the clinic when it changed to Issaquah Medical Group in 2002. She lives and works in her community, along with 2 kids, 2 dogs and 4 chickens.

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Kristina Lee-Garrido, Family Nurse Practitioner Village Family Clinic

Village Family Clinic & Wellness Center was established by Kristina in January of 2009, when she and 800 of her most loyal patients believed in her idea that a solo practice would minimize the interference between patient and provider, and lead to higher quality care. It was amazingly successful until the demands of primary care vs. insurance companies made it an impossible feat to provide excellent health care and pay the bills. She is now specializing in mental health and her practice, Village Family Clinic & Wellness Center.

Patient testimonials

“I had been diagnosed with ADD when I was young. I was successfully on Adderall for many years. Post college, and starting a new career, Istopped taking it. As the years clicked on (and closer to 50 years old), I found myself more and more distracted, unable to concentrate, etc., without identifying back to my youth. My older brother, also diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, came up for a visit. He said he noticed the clear signs of ADHD, and heavily encouraged me to see someone. I was initially dismissive and (don’t do this at home kids) but my brother encouraged me to try his medication. After a few days, I was completely convinced of his advice. It was like my brain had been asleep and distracted, I was literally in a completely different plane of existence. I was able to sleep on a regular schedule, constantly forgetting things, or appointments. I felt like who I was back in my youth. I am incredibly grateful to Kristina Lee-Garrido. She has been incredibly supportive, willing to work with me and listen when I thought changes in meds were appropriate. Kristina has perfected her skill in treating ADHD, and I am grateful for her assistance to get me back on track.”


“Meeting Kristina was literally a life changing day! She spent a long time going through test results, identifying where I was holding myself back without even knowing I was. She enabled me to STOP procrastinating with doubt and chose the more rewarding career and I life plan I am capable of. She is now helping me drop the shame that comes with a neurological disorder and manage my relationship with my similar challenged daughter.”